We advise to use Rufus to create bootable USB sticks, 

Download and Install Rufus and make sure you have the ISO available on your machine. 

If you do not have the latest version, please find the download link here:

Stand alone: https://download.whitecanyon.com/wipedrive/wd-enterprise-dongle.iso

PXE server: https://download.whitecanyon.com/wipedrive/wd-pxe-enterprise-dongle.iso

Note! You might want to copy the old .cfg file(s) from the old key before you create the new USB stick. 

You can add the file(s) to the new key after you have created the USB. 

Note! config files from version 8 will not work in version 9, the config files from version and older might give issues in newer versions. Please contact support@global-emea.com to get some help sorting that out. 

Below 3 steps would guide you to the process to install the USB stick. 

Step 1. place a empty USB stick in to your machine that has Rufus installed on it. It should appear under "device". If multple USB devices are connected please use the dropdown to select the right one. 

Step 2. via the "SELECT'' button you can navigate to the ISO file you would add to the USB stick.

Note! Make sure the "Partition Scheme" is set to MBR

Step 3. press start to start the process and you should be ready to go in a few minutes. 

If you need more information, please contact us via one of below options. 


          |   Email us   |   Submit a ticket   |   Give us a call    |


Our official support hours are 8:00 am to 16:30 pm, after those hours emailing us or submitting a ticket would be the best option.